125Khz students attendance system

125Khz students attendance system


125KHz long range reader for school students attendance system

RFID technical can let school attendance system more smart automation.

Our system use 125KHz long range identify technical,students don’t need scan card.

RFID reader can read card automatic, system will receive and settle cards information automatic.

Let the attendance system become more simple and convenience to process.

Not only can provide correct information for students tracking and attendance,

but also can ensure the safety and discipline management of the student.

Let school management become more information and modernization


The solution design as below:

Install two long range reader at both gate,

Both reader also connect with GPRS information machine.

Students hang card on the neck when pass the gate,card can be read one by one.

The students information will transfer to system through GPRS information machine.

The machine can insert Sim card,it can use to send data to your server.

so they can know they children arrive school time and leave school time.


Follow are the specific products

CF-RL150--125KHz long range reader  


-Work mode:read only

-Read distance:45cm


G9102--125KHz long range thickness card 


-Chip type:EM4200/TK4100

-Work mode:read only

-Read distance:45cm



GPRS information machine

-Interface:USB /TCP/IP

-With one sim card slot

-With two port,can connect with two readers at the same time

-With GPRS port for communication