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RFID solution for the forklift warehouse management

 Background Introduction:

Along with social progress, scientific and technological development, logistics equipment status in economic development has become increasingly evident, forklifts penetration rate is getting higher and higher. Forklift plays a very important role in the enterprise's logistics system.

System planning

Vector forklift pallet transport of goods mainly dominated by RFID technology forklift management system, through the installation of UHF frequency RFID reader on the truck, UHF RFID antenna and RFID reader connect with industrial control computer system, and then by using RFID tags on the system is equipped with an RFID reader forklift pallet fork to take at the time, through access to RFID tag data to allow confirmation of cargo information, complete information on ongoing tracking finished goods for warehousing and logistics cargo warehousing, cargo transfer, cargo accurate management information provides the basis for security.

Part one:RFID reading system

Reading system is consist of industrial PC,RFID UHF reader and UHF antenna.

For the RFID UHF reader,we often use our UHF fixed reader with four antenna ports.

Here is the product website:

For the UHF antenna,we have different antennas with different dbi and shape.

Here is the antenna link,you can choose the suitable antenna from this:

Part two:RFID tray

RFID pallet tag is installed in the tray, and the tray is bound to complete the label.

The tray tag made by ABS,the size is 54 × 85.6 × 4.3mm.

Here is the link of this tag specification: