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Product Name:2.45G Directional integrative reader
Product Model:CF-RV4301

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Product name: Directional integrative reader

Product number: CF-RV4301 


Package size: 360mm×230mm×190mm

Gross weight: 1.8 kg


Product description


CF-RV4301 is a type of direction reader, applying in wide alleyway, ar distance, quick identification, meeting the special demand of identification, tracking and positioning among many tags simultaneously

Product specifications


CF-RV4301(Directional integrative reader)

Operation Frequency

2.4GHz-2.5GHz ISM Microwave band

Communication Mode

dynamically encrypt mode

Wireless Transmission Rate


Signal Modulation mode


Operation Mode

Read tag only

Microwave Communication Error Detection

CRC8cycled redundance checkout

Receipting Sensitivity



Identify Mode

Directional identification, level  80℃,vertical 80℃

Indentify Range

Longest 80m,distance adjustable

Indentify Speed

in 80KM/h

Anti- confliction

>100 cards at one time

Wrong probability

one of ten million

Sound Indication

Buzzer inside

Developing Interface

Offer all types of port functions

Data Interface

Standard: RS485, TCP/IP

Power Adapter


Operation Temperature




Product application

1. Alleyway management: open door control management system, including about intelligent resident district, mansion parking-lot charge, freeway ETC, safety-inspection from port or custom.

2. Personnel management: quick attendance administration, conference signature system, student safety note system, security patrol system.

3. Cargo management: storage and data collection, system, moving goods control and trace, container automatic identification.

4. Prevention management: personnel positioning tracing and inquiry, goods anti-fake and test.

5. Public management: city traffic intelligent platform, vehicle control and operation, train automatic numbering

6. Manufacture management: work flow management, control spare parts in the course of process.

7. Transportation management: road, railway management, and container transfer control tracking management

2.45G products for school student attendance system
RFID technical can let school attendance system more smart automation. Let school management become more information and modernization
2.45G products for school student attendance system
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