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Application of RFID technology in the anti counterfeiting tracing in our country


 Perhaps the impact of foreign wine enterprises advanced RFID anti-counterfeiting technology, some wine manufacturers in the electronic label anti-counterfeiting management went in front of the industry. For example, Zhangyu winery 2009 April in order to prevent channeling, eliminate fake and shoddy products and become the first domestic wine enterprises in the production field of large-scale application of RFID technology.


In the liquor industry of our country, Wuliangye, Maotai, as a representative of the domestic high-end brand has been target of counterfeiters counterfeit, so these enterprises have a strong brand awareness, and put into far more than the peer dynamics of human and financial resources for brand protection research. In early 2009, Wuliangye Group started RFID anti-counterfeiting technology project, and in November of the same year successfully completed and delivered for use, the entire project invested RMB 200 million yuan, aims to build a complete RFID solution platform. At the beginning of the project, Wuliangye Group to the annual consumption of more than 20 million pieces of RFID anti-counterfeiting mark, the initial realization of high-end brand of RFID technology in security applications, and at the same time, query simultaneously launched multifunction RFID recognizer and store RFID query query devices and handheld equipment in more than eight hundred and two thousand sets, respectively. Huge financial investment, Wuliangye group for the RFID label to meet the security management of high-end products Wuliangye has a high confidence.


But generally speaking, the domestic wine business security management is still relatively weak, some high-end wine brand is absolutely necessary to also have the ability to adopt foreign advanced RFID technology product anti fake tracking management, in the future development of can, learn from the success of foreign wine industry method, combined with the actual situation, can be applied.


Application of RFID technology in the security management of wine


A new technology from the rise to be widely used must go through a long stage, RFID technology in the security management of the advantages? Domestic wine companies in what mode will RFID technology applied to the security management to go?


The advantage of RFID technology for wine security management


Three common defects, most of the current domestic wine enterprises by means of security: A is the most anti false identifies the technology content is low, easy to copy; the second is the decision process of the anti-counterfeit labels to teach complex, consumers are not easy to accept; the third is the overall management loopholes allow these anti-counterfeiting means can not successfully play a role. In contrast, RFID security labels with more suitable industry needs of the advantages:


1 corresponding to a single commodity, RFID tags have a unique ID encoding, this code is not generic;


. compared with the traditional bar code, RFID tag non paper products, not easy to wear and there is no pollution, tore up the situation, in addition to waterproof anti magnetic characteristics;


3 RFID tags can not only read, but also write, the amount of storage is also greater than the bar code more convenient;


4 the physical interface of the electronic tag reader is not directly open to the final consumer of the commodity, and this point can effectively guarantee the accuracy of the tag containing the information;


5. EPC-RFID label (i.e., containing EPC code of RFID tags) high technology content of chip fabrication cost is higher, making complex process than the traditional anti-counterfeit labels, small-scale production of counterfeiters generally cannot afford so high cost;


6 RFID tags can be read and write a large number of target products, efficient and data processing automatic;


The advantages of RFID indicate that the technology will be popularized and applied in the future of the security tracking management of wine..


The mode of RFID technology applied in the security management of wine


In view of RFID technology in the liquor industry security management outstanding advantages, China's wine industry should be in reference on the basis of successful cases of security management in the foreign counterparts, according to its own characteristics, using RFID technology explore a set of suitable to their own business security tracking management approach, to establish a complete set of security system.


A qualified liquor security system needs to meet the two most basic requirements: first, can not be copied by the fake, second is once the failure, can not be recycled. The security management system of wine based on RFID technology should include the following four modules.


1 system management module. Be responsible for the management and maintenance of the entire anti-counterfeiting system.. Can be set to one or more system administrator management system, administrators according to different levels of permissions are different, the highest administrator can view, including system security code database, all data, and for safety management point of view, the general manager has only a wine merchandise data recovery, backup, data cleaning and handling of complaints management basic rights.


2 product information management module. The module records the information of the commodity, including the information record of the wine box and the individual individual of the wine. Details of the wine products include varieties, production date, specifications and other parameters, these data in the product delivery of the RFID label when the liquor box and the bottle.


3 security verification management module. This is the core module of the whole system, including several parts:


The first is the security code management. Removal of basic goods batch and serial number coding, the system can for each commodity set a separate security code: a bottle of wine with its own EPC code, corresponding to this code and coded according to certain rules, the system will each bottle of wine to generate a single without a second security code, and recorded in the security code in the database. The anti forgery code is included in addition to the commodity .