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RFID gas cylinder tags for gas cylinder management



 In order to improve the gas cylinder management efficiency, we research and develop a RFID gas cylinder tags for gas cylinder management application.

This tag has radius of 103 mm circular arc, it can use strong self-adhesive glue to stick on any kinds of metal gas cylinder with 200-300 mm diameter, mainly used in the various types of cylinder data information automatic tracking and management, but also can be applied to specific or dangerous canned gas liquid logistics identification tracking.

This tag is 13.56MHz frequency, it can support ISO14443A protocol to read and write , with Mifare chips inside, the read range  depends on the reader antenna size , RF power and so on , it made by ABS material, the size is 46.8*32*4.37mm.

The color is pink, it can work under -20~+80, and the store temperature is -30~+100.

If your gas cylinder have been stuck this type tags on, it can be as digital items with information tracking, can be used for many application, such as logistics, security and so on.

Before use this type tag, please confirm the diameter of your gas cylinder between 200~300mm ranges, if the diameter range smaller or bigger, all maybe affect the tags attach performance.

When use this tag, please use the gas cylinders according the tags working temperature, if the working temperature over -20~+80, maybe lead to the tags work instability, even will let the tags can’t work again.