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Special newest rfid anti-theft jewelry tag - Long range and anti-collision




Chafon launched new jewelry tag, which cover up the shortcomings of the prior jewelry tag, with special design, with the effective range up to 1~3m. even though there are big metal material stick on the back of tag,it can also be read about 50~100cm.

As we know that RFID is sensitive to Metal and Liquid. Because of The electromagnetic wave principle,when metal or liquid near or stick on the tag, the signal of tag will be absorb by metal or liquid, this tag will be difficult to be detected. so, most of uhf jewelry tag can not be detected when metal close to tag. there are many jeweller worry about this issues.

There are customer raised this issues, Chafon have launched new type jewelry tags to solve this problem.

Regarding Chafon new jewelry tag, It is made up of EVA+PVC material, It supports ISO18000-6C/EPC GEN2 protocol, packaged with Alien H3 chip, the standard size is 37*19*6mm.Can be printing serial,number,Logo. the reading range can up to about 3m if you use 12dbi antenna comes with one hole,you can hang on jewelry with sling.

Besides UHF jewelry tag, Chafon can also provide UHF readers and correlative antennas. More detailed information,welcome to visit below website:

UHF jewelry rfid tag:

RFID Reader for jewelry management:

RFID Antenna for Jewelry management:

If you have any demand about any rfid tag or reader, please kindly contact with us.

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