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 Tracking Hardware The Perfect Match for Your Software

Simple and effective asset tracking is an essential part of your operation. You can have all the latest and greatest software for asset tracking, but without the hardware components to go with it, that sophisticated software is essentially useless. Proper tracking hardware from barcodes to mobile computers will complement your software and make accurate asset tracking effortless.

Laser Systems

When you have equipment that will be used and abused in every environment under the sun, you need a tracking system that stands up to those tough conditions. When laser systems are used to cut, etch, or engrave your equipment with IUID labels, you can be sure you will get the most accurate tracking, even in the most extreme conditions.

Thermal Transfer Printers

While laser engraving is best for more robust equipment, it is not right for everything. Thermal transfer printers quickly create IUID and RFID labels that are easy to apply anywhere. Thermal transfer printed labels are clear and accurate, making tracking a breeze.

2D Data Matrix Verifiers

After all your assets are labeled, youll want to verify the quality and scanability of your labels. Making sure all your labels are as clear and accurate as possible prevents potential scanning issues. A range of verifier configurations from handheld to benchtop models will help ensure IUID mark compliance to ISO15415, SAE AS9132 and MIL STD 130.

Mobile Computers

Once all equipment is labeled and verified, youll need to quickly and easily track it. With a mobile, hand-held computer, youll be able to quickly and reliably scan IUID and RFID tags no matter where your equipment is, from the warehouse to the production floor.

Barcode Scanners and Imagers

You can also track your assets is by using handheld 1D and 2D data matrix barcode scanners and decoders. Handheld scanners and decoders are extremely portable and easy to use, capturing accurate data wherever where you are. With handheld barcode equipment, youll be able to satisfy every IUID and RFID requirement.

Having the proper hardware from labels to scanners will help automate your tracking process and make your data as accurate as possible.

Chafon can provide high quality rfid readers and labels, we also have strong technical team to support custom service and solution provided.