Chafon is a focus on China's first radio frequency identification (RFID) Product research and development and application of automatic identification technology to promote high-tech enterprises.

Chafon have decades of RFID technology application development and automated inventory management application development experience, with a number of completely autonomous RFID patents covering electronic tag, RFID reader devices, RFID antenna and RFID application systems such as.





RFID products for kart race timing system

For kart race timing system,can use our UHF R2000 fixed reader,UHF high performance 9dbi circular antenna and UHF anti-metal tags,connect reader with antenna,install at start/finish line,fixed tag on metal on kart surface,when they pass the line,tag can be detected.

Follow are products specification:

1.CF-RU6401,UHF RFID R2000 fixed reader with four antenna ports 
2.CF-RA9002,UHF RFID high performance 9dbi circular antenna 
This antenna also can make as 865~868MHz frequency,can connect with UHF fixed reader,
the gain is 9dbi,polarization is circular,the size is 257×257×40mm.

3.G9811,UHF RFID ABS anti-metal tags

This tag with UHF Alien H3 chip,can read and write,the read range depends on the reader,
made by ABS material,the size is 135mm*22mm*5mm.

We can provide completed English SDK,demo software,user manual and source code,those documents can help you develop the software for your application.

Can come to below link download the SDK for checking in advance: (CF-RU6401 SDK)

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